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Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is an excellent starting point for small, medium and growing businesses to venture into a new country. PEO is a company that acts as a legal employer for the employee in another country while the employee works for his actual employer company (Client).

As a PEO agency takes care of cost-effective services for HR, payroll, insurance, benefits, and risk management. Alacrity goes one step further - in addition to what generally PEO agencies offer, we provide extended services like leave management, recruiting, employee training, office infrastructure and HR support.

Thus, allowing the international company to focus on core business activities while the administrational concerns are well taken care of by us.

Here’s What Alacrity Do For You :

  - Implementing customised benefit plans as per client's corporate policies.

  - Maintaining employees records and agreement with workforce weighted per legal       policy of client.

  - Onboarding workforce smoothly within days.

  - Maintaining labour law compliance as per Indian laws. 

  - Maintaining payroll execution.

  - Taxation compliances.

  - Accurate management of relocation expenses and reimbursements.

  - Excellent coordination with clients, working as collaborative team.

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